Chair of Railway Engineering and Transport Economics

The Chair of Railway Engineering and Transportation Economics is located at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and is involved in the education of students in the Courses of Study Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Mobility and Business Administration Engineering (Civil Engineering). In the Bachelor's Degree programmes, the focus is on topics of railway construction (track construction, routing, station track layout) and the fundamentals of railway operation and transport economics. The chair is also involved in the joint integrative course Methodology of Planning, which is offered as a basic subject.

In the Master's Degree programmes, the focus shifts to the field of railway operations management (Railway Operations Research, Railway Control, Signalling and Safety, etc.). For this purpose, the chair has its own Railway Signalling Lab (ELVA). In addition, special areas of railway construction and the economic management of transport and infrastructure companies are dealt with (Operation and Management of Rail Bound Freight and Passenger Transport Systems). Furthermore, the chair is involved in the joint course Financing of Transport Infrastructure and Operation.

Especially the courses of the Master's Degree programmes are increasingly attended by students from other faculties (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, natural sciences) who want to acquire special knowledge about the management of railways.

Within the Course of Study Transportation Engineering and Mobility you can find the specialisation Railway Systems Engineering with courses held in English (Railway Systems, Railway Capacity Management and Operation, Railway Control Systems).