Master thesis | RSE

If you are interested in a master thesis in the specialization Railway Systems Engineering (RSE) at VIA, please contact Mr. Felix Lampe ( by 14.03.21 with up to three topic preferences from the list.



Short description

1 Analysis of the favoring factors of rail freight transport Analysis of the current reasons for freight transport by road or rail -
Development of possible incentives to encourage rail freight transport
2 Usage of RAMS-Methods in rail sector General description of RAMS and the usecases of RAMS - Analysis of RAM in the rail sector -
Identification of a proposal to implement RAM in the railway sector
3 The development of the railway system in Sri Lanka Description of technical development and infrastructure of railways in Sri Lanka -
Analysis of travel time benefit due to electrification - Development of a timetable concept
4 Analysis of Railway accidents Analysis of railway accidents statistics of several countries -
Description of the causes of accidents and finding clusters - Development of improvement strategies/td>
5 Comparison and evaluation of operating rules for harmonisation in an interoperable context Comparison of operating rules of several countries - Differences and Similarities have to be outlined -
Presenting the possibilities and necessities for a harmonisation
6 Identification and description of the impact of the corona pandemic on the transport market Consideration of current developments in the volume of transport of all modes of transport -
Identification of winners and losers within the transport modes of the crisis - Consideration of the price development -
Analysis of the influence of the government - Assessment of future developments
7 European targets for transportation and their attainment in railway sector Description of political and administrstive objectives in the EU -
Exemplary presentation of achievements and challenges in transnational transport - Development of a strategy for a
single European railway area
8 Planning and Design of a European Network of Passenger Night Trains Description of the current status of night train services and consideration of current plans -
Due to expected demand determination of further connections - Development of a network and evaluation of this
network in different scenarios - Assessment of the fleed planning
9 Improving Railroad Hump Yard Operational Planning Creation of a model for the operational optimization of a hump - Heuristics can be used -
Different constraints like capacity and track numbers have to be considered - Identification of existing optimization
approaches and heuristics for the individual areas of the yard - Testing the model for applicability with data sets