Master thesis | RSE

If you are interested in a master thesis in the specialization Railway Systems Engineering (RSE) at VIA, please contact Mr. Felix Lampe ( by 13.09.20 with up to three topic preferences from the list.



Short description

1 Analysis of the favoring factors of rail freight transport Analysis of the current reasons for freight transport by road or rail -
Development of possible incentives to encourage rail freight transport
2 Analysis of congestion phenomena in railways Description of different control systems - Analysis of driving time depending on control system and velocity -
Analysis of the influence of a train in the next block on the driving of a train in the actual block
3 Usage of RAMS-Methods in rail sector General description of RAMS and the usecases of RAMS - Analysis of RAM in the rail sector -
Identification of a proposal to implement RAM in the railway sector
4 The development of the railway system in Sri Lanka Description of technical development and infrastructure of railways in Sri Lanka -
Analysis of travel time benefit due to electrification - Development of a timetable concept
5 Analysis of Railway accidents Analysis of railway accidents statistics of several countries -
Description of the causes of accidents and finding clusters - Development of improvement strategies
6 Comparison and evaluation of operating rules for harmonisation in an interoperable context Comparison of operating rules of several countries - Differences and Similarities have to be outlined -
Presenting the possibilities and necessities for a harmonisation
7 Evaluating the Quality of Railway Timetables Consideration of quality from the perspective of the various stakeholders -
Creation and conduction a survey to define the quality for passengers - Analysis of the impact of quality definitions
on the timetable and evaluate timetable parameters
8 Algorithms for Railway Disruption Management Description of railway disruption management and usage of algorithms to optimize the disruption management in
Europe - Identifying the advantages and challenges of such algorithms - Solution approaches for the implementation of
automatic systems in Germany
9 Identification and description of the impact of the corona pandemic on the transport market Consideration of current developments in the volume of transport of all modes of transport -
Identification of winners and losers within the transport modes of the crisis - Consideration of the price development -
Analysis of the influence of the government - Assessment of future developments
10 European targets for transportation and their attainment in railway sector Description of political and administrstive objectives in the EU -
Exemplary presentation of achievements and challenges in transnational transport - Development of a strategy for a
single European railway area
11 Survey of future rail vehicle and infrastructure technologies and determination of test requirements Identification and presentation of all existing test facilities for innovations in the railway sector -
Describing the Development of the current state of research and the technological barriers - Assessment of the suitability of the
test facilities also for the future - Verifiability whether testing is possible in daily operation
12 Planning and Design of a European Network of Passenger Night Trains Description of the current status of night train services and consideration of current plans -
Due to expected demand determination of further connections - Development of a network and evaluation of this
network in different scenarios - Assessment of the fleed planning
13 Improving Railroad Hump Yard Operational Planning Creation of a model for the operational optimization of a hump - Heuristics can be used -
Different constraints like capacity and track numbers have to be considered - Identification of existing optimization
approaches and heuristics for the individual areas of the yard - Testing the model for applicability with data sets